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The Zeitgeist Engine

Zeitgeist is a service that logs the users activity. The log can be queried
and managed in various ways over a DBus API.

This package contains the Zeitgeist Daemon, which is for all intents an
purposes an idle service. To take advantage of the Zeitgeist Daemon you
something that insert log statements into it (also known as data providers or
data sources) and you need some applications (or application plugins) to
query and display the logged data.

Zeitgeist Data Providers

There is a host of data providers developed for Zeitgeist. There is a more
or less canonical data provider known as the Zeitgeist Data Hub, but note
that it is not more canonical that you can go without it if that is the better
option for you. The Zeitgeist Data Hub is hosted on Launchpad:

There is also a suite of extra data providers which is available for
your cherry picking pleasure:

Zeitgeist Client Libraries

For Python development this package also contains a complete async client
for working with the Zeitgeist DBus API. The API documentation can be build
if you have Sphinx installed, otherwise you can browse it online at:

A GObject/C library for working with the Zeitgeist DBus API is available at:

A CLI/C# library is available from:

You can also find the documentation for the raw DBus API on:

Zeitgeist GUIs and Plugins

The Gnome Activity Journal (also known as just GAJ) is hosted on:

Or a light Zeitgeist powered file browser known as Sezen:

The Unity Shell ( uses Zeitgeist in an indirect
way by querying its two data daemons; unity-place-files and

Zeitgeist Extensions

You can write extensions for the core Zeitgeist daemon. These are written in
Python an run directly inside the Zeitgeist Daemon process with raw access to
the underlying database. This is not normally something you need to do, but
if you have very special needs that are unlikely to get accepted in the core
Zeitgeist Daemon you can almost certainly get away with with doing it as an

There is a collection of Zeitgeist Extensions developed on:

Notably this suite of extensions contain the Zeitgeist Full Text Search (FTS)
extension which is needed by some GUI tools in order to give full text search
capabilities to the daemon.

Extensions can be deployed simply by dropping a Python module in either
$PREFIX/share/zeitgeist/_zeitgeist/engine/extensions or for developers and the
adventurous users they can be deployed in the home directory under
~/.local/share/zeitgeist/extensions/. Note that user extensions take precendence
over the system installed ones.

Official Website


For building from a release tarball you need:

 - python 2.6 or higher
 - python-gobject (2.16.0 or higher)
 - python-dbus
 - python-xdg
Additionally, if building from a source code checkout you need:

 - rapper (RDF conversion tool)
 - rdflib (Python module for working with RDF graphs)

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