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Demos in this directory:

- hello

  This demo illustrates how to invoke ordinary (twoway) operations, as
  well as how to invoke oneway operations, use datagrams, secure
  invocations, and how to use batched invocations.

- latency

  A simple latency test that measures the basic call dispatch delay of

- minimal

  This demo illustrates a minimal Ice application.

- session

  This demo shows how to use sessions to clean up client-specific
  resources in a server after the client shuts down or crashes.

- throughput

  A simple throughput demo that allows you to send sequences of
  various types between client and server and to measure the maximum
  bandwidth that can be achieved using serialized synchronous

- value

  This demo shows how to use classes, class factories, and the
  difference between local and remote invocations of class operations.
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