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Version 0.9k
 - Updated for compatibility with Solaris 10 and current versions of

Version 0.9j
 - Glibc 2.1 compatibility tested (gawd, when will this moving target
   ever stop?)
 - New disable_child mode: this disables zlibc for all programs
   started by covered commands (useful for emacs, so that any dired
   buffers show full filenames, rather than strip the .gz)

Version 0.9i

 - Glibc compatibility tested

Version 0.9h

 - Use RTLD_NEXT to call original syscalls on systems that support this.

Version 0.9g

 - aliasing fixes

Version 0.9f
 - Alias open to __open on Linux

Version 0.9e
 - Close stderr when invoking gzip in order to avoid spurious 'broken
   pipe' error messages from gzip.

Version 0.9c

 - Automatically generate manpages from texinfo doc

Version 0.9b

 - Installation bug fixes

Version 0.9
 - Added texinfo doc
 - System-wide conf file is now /usr/local/etc/zlibc.conf
    (/etc/zlibc.conf on Linux)
 - Zlibc now has the same name everywhere: uncompress.o, and is
   installed in /usr/local/lib.  Override if you use /etc/
   on Linux.
 - Removed a.out support (for simplification)
 - Fixed my address
 - Use GNU autoconf for configuration
 - Added Solaris support

Version 0.8
 - More cleanup
 - Makefile bug fix
 - Use LD_ZLIB as a prefixe for env vars instead of just ZLIB for
   security reasons.

Version 0.7

 - Cleanup

Version 0.6e

 - Fixed a.out preload library
 - Added a patch for the dynaminc linker, which allows to use
preloaded objects with suid programs.

Version 0.6d

 - Cleaned up version numbers
 - Updated compilation instruction for Suns

Version 0.6c
 - Now works with the new binutils-2.5.2l.15  linker. 
 - Can be compiled for a.out on a system with a compiler defaulting to
 - documentation updated to reflect improvements in and
 - works now with the new extensible xstat functions.
 - Updated instructions and FAQ

Version 0.6b

 - Cleaned up version numbers

Version 0.6a

 - Added a few missing files

Version 0.6

 - zlibc now works with ELF
 - all configuration by environmental variables is disabled if the
effective uid doesn't match the real uid, or if the effective gid
doesn't match the real gid. (This is to prevent abuse of suid/sgid
 - minor bugfixes
 - minor cleanups in the Makefiles

Version 0.5 20November

 - Fixed strace incompatibility (Linux only)
 - upgraded to 4.6.20

Version 0.4d 10November
 - limited write support. (Compression after writing, complete decompression
 in place before writing, ...)
 - configuration files compilable to default configuration.
 - Non-ANSI compiler support dropped.
 - Sun and Linux Makefiles merged.

Version 0.4b

Version 0.4c

Version 0.4a

 More bug fixes.

 - invoke all shell scripts with the name of the shell (For those Linux boxes
   where bash is not the default shell!) (thanks to Bill C. Riemers
   <> for reporting the bugs)
 - rewrote the getlibrary script to not use ls any more. (Color ls could cause
   us trouble)
 - added cp, cpio, pax and cpp to compiled-in defaults and zlibrc.sample
   (thanks to Bill C. Riemers <> for suggesting it)
 - polished up the documentation
 - replace EINVAL errno by ENOENT when the compressed files can not be found
   ( EINVAL gets generated when stating a filename with two dots in it on a
   dos fs. This screws up copying to a dos fs) (thanks to  York Lam 
   <> for suggesting this, and sending me a patch)
 - fixed a security hole in open.c. However, there are still many race 

Version 0.4

Mostly bug fixes and documentation:

- made 'unlink' option the default behavior. ( thanks to for suggesting it)

- use ldconfig in install.linux script, new naming convention
(thanks to Bill C. Riemers <> for suggesting it)

- don't use statically linked recovery programs. (Not necessary any
more, now that I have ldconfig)

- don't use uname in the configure script. Before, the configure
script broke with old uname. (thanks to Joe Waters
<jpw@freedom.NMSU.Edu> for reporting the bug)

- fixed a Makefile bug that caused the 'library' file not to be remade
when new libraries are installed. (thanks to Joe Waters
<jpw@freedom.NMSU.Edu> for reporting the bug)

- the configure script now says that it gets its default values out of
the local configuration. (thanks to Joe Waters <jpw@freedom.NMSU.Edu>
for suggesting it)

- fixed HAVE_PROC bug (broke 'at' on linux) (thanks to Joe Waters
<jpw@freedom.NMSU.Edu> for reporting the bug)

- fixed readdir.c bug (broke 'du' on sun) (thanks to Andrew A. Burgess
<> for reporting this bug)

- changed open.c so that mtime and ctime are conserved when a file is
uncompressed using tmpfiles. This is needed for NN's expire. (thanks
to Andrew A. Burgess <> for suggesting it). Support for
compressed read-write files will be added later.

- included documentation in binary release. (thanks to Thomas Boutell
<> for suggesting it)

- added explanation to the manpage about what to do with symlinks.
(thanks to Bernd Meyer <> and Ulrich Lauther
<> for suggesting it)

- removed experimental code from readlink and lstat. (Links to compressed
files used to be shown as "|/file" )

- added FAQ, and improved documentation.

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